Recurring gifts through our sustained giving program make the biggest difference in our work with the Oglala Lakota!

Choose $95.00/month or higher for Tiospaye Friendship Circle benefits!


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Sustained Giving/Tiospaye Friendship Circle

Become a Tipi Raisers Sustained Giving supporter by choosing an amount that works for you to donate monthly. $25.00/month makes a significant impact on the level of direct support that we can provide through our activities and projects.

The Tiospaye Friendship Circle (TFC) is for our donors who contribute monthly recurring donations at $95.00/month or more. Joining the TFC is the best way to ensure the projects and activities that are so critical to the Tipi Raiser's mission can be executed with fidelity.

Our Mission: Native Lakota and non-Native people working and playing together. Honoring indigenous wisdom, reconciling the complicated history we share and co-creating mutual understanding and humane, desirable living conditions on Pine Ridge and surrounding reservations.


Tiospaye Friendship Circle Member Benefits ($95.00/month or greater):

  • Discount on Lakota made jewelry and crafts.
  • Free admission to open Volunteer Trips as long as your membership is current during that month.
  • Membership in the Sunka Wakan Horse Program, which facilitates rides throughout the year in Golden, Colorado. Rides are offered once/month and are on a first come, first served basis. Check our calendar on the first of each month for that month's date and contact us to reserve your spot.
  • Recurring donations can be cancelled at any time by contacting us.

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