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Make an impact for generations to come!

Invest in a Movement to Re-Learn Ancient Indigenous Wisdom and Accomplish So Much More!

$8,441 raised

$75,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

What Your Support Accomplishes:

Dear Friend,

In alignment with the Indigenous wisdom of reciprocity and gift economies, this event - which is the Tipi Raisers signature fundraiser - is solely donation-based.

This Gathering and 4 Directions Ride is designed to share and amplify Indigenous wisdom, bring people together to advance reconciliation and raise awareness around the conditions in the Native communities we serve. But your donation will do so much more! Revenue generated through this event supports the following Tipi Raisers' initiatives:

  • Providing scholarships for Native and non-Native youth to participate in Gen7 gatherings throughout the year; visiting each other's communities, learning about one another and gaining interpersonal and leadership skills to impact change in their communities.
  • Providing employment and job training for Tribal members in positions ranging from labor, driving and programming.
  • Providing firewood, food and necessary supplies throughout the year to families in the Native communities we serve.
  • Facilitating events like the Gathering & Ride in which Indigenous perspectives on historical events and current conditions are shared and common understanding is gained.

Anything you can give to support the Indigenous Wisdom Gathering & 4 Directions Ride and our ongoing programs in Native communities is deeply appreciated.

In Gratitude,

The Tipi Raisers Team

Why we share and amplify Indigenous Wisdom:

"I realized how important it is to spend more time with my grandparents; to listen to their stories and ask them questions. That is my biggest takeaway from the experience" - Gen7 Youth

“The vision of Raising Tipis is really a vision of raising relations, inclusive of all, bringing people from many different walks of life together to create together... I'm proud of the work we did in just one week and I'm very impressed by the leadership and the divine help received from the wisdom holders that inspired and encouraged everyone”. - 2022 Volunteer on Navajo Nation