Tipi Raisers is ON A MISSION, and we invite you to join us! image

Tipi Raisers is ON A MISSION, and we invite you to join us!

Help us reach our goal to advance our mission for even greater impact in 2022!

$126,935 raised

$100,000 goal

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Our funding model is guided by Indigenous Wisdom

Did you know that the majority of Tipi Raisers funding comes from individual donations and grants? As we move further into alignment with the Indigenous wisdom of reciprocity and gift economies, we have shifted to free open volunteer groups and assessing only nominal fees for customized volunteer groups. We believe that those who join us on our mission receive the gift that is inherent in that experience and that they will give back to the best of their ability - in this way, we can all stay in balance.

"Gifts exist in the realm of humility and mystery—as with random acts of kindness, we do not know their source." From Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Our goal this year is to raise $100,000 between now and the end of 2021 - that's $25,000 for each of the four central themes of our work!

These funds will enable us to continue:

  • Bringing Native and Non-Native youth together to build leadership skills and bridge cultures.
  • Offering employment, internships and skill building to Tribal members.
  • Sustaining ongoing provisions of warmth, housing repairs, food and supplies.
  • Providing volunteers opportunities to do meaningful service work in Indigenous communities.
  • Advancing our Reconciliation through Education efforts with activities like the Lakota Language Class as well as online and in person cultural presentations and reconciliation dialogues.

Please take some time to learn more about the four central themes of our mission and know that, by supporting our On A Mission campaign, you will sustain this work through 2022 and beyond to benefit all who are touched by it - Natives and non-Natives alike!

At the Tipi Raisers Indigenous Wisdom, Reconciliation, Gen7 Youth Leadership and Alleviating Poverty are central themes of our mission. This end-of-year giving season, we would be so grateful if you choose to give us the gift of supporting our efforts within each of these areas to advance our mission for the greatest impact possible in 2022.

Indigenous Wisdom

At the core of our mission is a commitment to honor and take guidance from sacred Indigenous wisdom. We learn of Hózhó, the concept of the Beauty Way- a way of living in balance with the beauty, harmony and well-being of all life from our Navajo friends, and of Mitakuye Oasin (we are all related) from the Lakota People.

Indigenous wisdom from all corners of the earth teaches us that water is life, the power of the circle, that respecting and learning from ones elders is a sacred duty and that we must tend to the land today so that those who will live on it in seven generations will have a beautiful and thriving Unci Maca (Grandmother Earth).

As best we can, we seek to integrate this ancient wisdom through all of our activities, operations and relations.


Education, shared experiences and courageous conversations create authentic community between Natives and non-Natives.

This is complex work with no agreed upon definitions. It is wrought with generations of trauma from broken treaties, attempted genocide, overt racism and white guilt. We approach it with humility, curiosity and a deeply held conviction to get it right over time. Mistakes are made, misunderstandings happen. For our volunteers, where is their white privilege showing? For our Indigenous friends, where are assumptions of prejudice or racism?

A Lakota elder who speaks to our groups, teaches us that reconciliation is "moving toward our own divinity" and that is where you will find forgiveness. This is the work of reconciliation that we seek to integrate throughout all of our activities.

Gen7 Youth

The Gen7 mission is to convene, mobilize and empower Native and non-Native young leaders; building relationships, bridging cultural gaps and providing the tools and resources necessary to bring awareness to pressing issues and make genuine change in the world around them.

Through multiple annual gatherings, Gen7 youth gain skills and build lasting friendships across tribes and cultural identities. They are supported in exploring their unique gifts and ways in which to bring them forth.

Alleviating Poverty

The roots of the socioeconomic challenges faced by the communities we serve are complex: Ongoing injustices and inequities stemming from a history of colonization, genocide, dispossession and discrimination underlie the conditions of poverty on many reservations throughout the country. At the Tipi Raisers, we collaborate with our Indigenous partners towards the alleviation of these conditions through a variety of initiatives. While there are no simple solutions, we are committed to addressing the immediate needs of the families we serve and to advancing reconciliation through service.

Our initiatives for alleviating poverty in the communities we work with include providing jobs, internships and skills training as well as operating a year round firewood bank, regular distribution of needed food and hygiene supplies and responding to requests for unique requests such as a wheelchair, funeral support, mattresses or space heaters.

We offer you the sincerest gratitude for your gift this year!